Activity Toy – Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy


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Rubber teething ring with lots of textures, knobbly bits to chew and places to grasp.
In classic Sophie the Giraffe design.
This lovely first teething toy is made from the same 100% natural rubber as the classic Sophie la Giraffe toy.
It features the memorable vanilla scent and food grade paints the original Sophie.
Product Features Lightweight, making it easy for baby to hold Made from natural rubber Helps to sooth the pain of teething gums Variety of textures to amuse and provide different levels of bite Two rings, each with a different texture, make it easy for baby to hold and play with Ridged surface for erupting teeth Bumped surface for sore gums In super-soft rubber – for those very first teeth Rubber is a natural product and contains no BPA


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